Ultra-Thin Flexible TPU Bumper Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

$ 15.99

  • Clean, Simple, Comfortable –– No bulk, transparent flex-gel exterior with matte opaque interior bumper frame gives your iPhone a unique, minimal style.

  • Impact Resistant –– Featuring 14mm crescent bumpers on each corner this lightweight case will absorb shock upon impact.  Minimalist style with excellent drop protection.

  • Raised Edges, Responsive Buttons –– Slightly raised 0.14mm edges around the screen and camera for to avoid scratches when you set your device down on flat surfaces.  Responsive buttons that you can feel click.

  • Wireless Charging Compatible –– Enjoy wireless charging with this case on.  Easy access to charger ports and speakers.

  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max –– Includes Cbus Wireless Lifetime Warranty.