Heavy-Duty Case with Built-in Screen Protector for LG K51, LG Reflect

$ 17.99

  • Full Body Phone Case with Built-in Screen Protector

  • Dual-Layer Hybrid Protection – Crafted with a tough, high-density, lightweight, silicone TPU interior layer and textured exterior polycarbonate Armor it cushions and protects your smartphone with military-grade edge-to-edge protection

  • Impact Resistance – The multi-layered nested design with impact mitigating bumper corners provide better cell phone protection from drops, scuffs, scratches, dust, and general wear and tear

  • Raised Edges – Slightly raised edges around the LCD screen and camera lens on the back will keep you device from directly touching the table surface, avoiding common scratches

  • Lifetime Warranty

    Compatible with LG K51 (Verizon, T-Mobile, Metro, Boost), and LG Reflect (TracFone)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Eddye Williams

I as of today ,02/01/22 ,have not received the correct order.
I am very disappointed and are hoping to eventually receive the correct item that I originally ordered.

Scott Bitner

I work in a warehouse and I'm in trailers, on forklifts and other equipment. I drop my phone a lot, and this case is OUTSTANDING! Love It!

Joseph Winship
Very sturdy

Very sturdy. Looks good.

Jesus Vargas

Heavy-Duty Case with Built-in Screen Protector for LG K51, LG Reflect

Al Kaiman
Good value, nice protective features but...

This is a strong phone protector from CBus which is extremely organized and prompt in their customer dealings (such as lightening fast e-mail answers to one's questions) concerning a purchase ... as well as showing interest in their products and the transaction with the customer. Kudos to Rob Davies. Interestingly, because of this approach, I'm writing up a description for CBus -c/o Rob D.- about the clever engineering features of FITO's LG K51 protective case (without screen protector) Yes, somewhat more in price @ $15.99. But might be of interest for CBus' product line as another choice for their customers offering more features including silicone-like protruding corners on the wrap-around bumper , a built-in stand for convenience, grippy matte finish and silicone grooves spaced around the bumper perimeter as well as heat-dissipating 'scoring' pattern in the floor of the back half of the case. It seems to me, also, that buying one's own tempered glass screen protectors (to bond and be "at one") with the phone's glass screen is probably better than the flexing, plastic-like pieces that come with the CBus (and other brands) 'all-in-one' protective cases. Just thought I'd have a receptive ear at this well-run company and would be interesting for their customers. Also, liked the quality and pricing of CBus charging cord and 'splitters' giving a 'close at hand' choice when making connections at different locations ... such as car, AC outlet adaptors, computer case/keyboard ports etc. where you may find different-sized tip or end sizes. Al K. (Yooper in Vermont) Enjoying learning on a
humble, entry- level LG K51. (:-)